Friday, December 20, 2013

Easter Egg Ornaments

Who else has toddlers who won't leave the Christmas tree alone? Even my four year old occasionally brings me an ornament to ask me about it or to request permission to fly it like a space ship. And then leaves it in the two year old's reach. ARG.

Some years we set up a separate little tree for them, which they love, but which I totally forgot to do this year. I forgot in part because I was busy obsessing over these babies:

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The 2yo was so excited that he wouldn't hold still.

The kids went nutso over them, too. They flew them around like spaceships. They ran through the house with them. And only one out of six started to fall apart!

I got the inspiration from a Martha Stewart craft where they wanted you to use actual craft materials to make nice looking owl treat boxes. Since I wanted them for my little kids to destroy, I used:

1. Easter eggs
2. Felt
3. Googly eyes
4. Ribbon for hanging
5. Low temp hot glue gun/glue

Here is how I put them together:
1) I sketched out the pieces I wanted on plain paper, cut them out, and held them up to one of the eggs as a prototype. 

2) Then, I selected eggs that still had both halfs attached and still opened and closed easily, because the kids were going to be coming to me any time that they had trouble opening and closing them.

3) I lay out several different colors of felt and traced my paper cut outs with white fabric pencil all in one go.

4) I cut all the pieces out, making small piles that went together for each egg.

5) Then it was time to warm up the low temp hot glue gun! The seam where the eggs are held together I designated the back and, in the case of the angels, glued the wings there first. For the owls I began by gluing the face on the "front" top. Careful not to glue anything to the seam or across the seam, so that the eggs will still open.

6) Cut ribbon and glue on the top back.


Have fun!

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