Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food Coloring, Round 2: Icecubes

When we did the food coloring experiment (here), we froze the water in ice cube trays afterwards, but it wasn't any good for consumption, what with bits of paper towel and dust from being left out over night.

I saw the lovely pin linked above, where you can read about her boy painting afterwards as part of the lesson. But, see, the last experiment was so much work compared to how much my boy got out of it. I mean, he's only three years old. So one day when the kids were in the bath, I had an idea.

Bathtub + ice cubes + white plastic bowl = no mess.
We took it slow and used blue and yellow for a couple of nights in a row, then moved on to the other secondary colors. C really got it this time and was telling me that yellow and blue make green. The kids loved it. They fought over the ice cubes and the one year old tried to eat them. Sniff. It was a beautiful thing.

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