Thursday, January 10, 2013

S'mores Cookies

Today's Episode brings you...
Our first Epic Fail!

Here is what it is supposed to look like:
If you want to know how to make them, click above.

This is what ours looked like:
But it IS still a cookie.

1) Our first mistake was when I wrote the recipe down on a handy note card, but only wrote the ingredients. Me: "It is a cookie. I read the directions. How hard can it be?"
Looks easy, right?
2) Our second mistake was when we forgot to pull out the butter to soften. We tried to nuke it but somehow failed at that, too. Oh, and I think we used marsh mellows that were a size too big.
Nothing could possibly go wrong from here.
3) Lastly, when we checked these babies, we laughed so hard that we couldn't take them out of the oven for an extra five minutes, so not only did they look hilarious, but they were over baked and - alas - had to be consumed quickly before they hardened.

Are you guys baking under the influence again? I'd better confiscate.
I think this is a wonderful pin if you don't suck at following directions. I made this recipe as a cookie "cake" twice - for my mother's birthday and my sister's birthday, which are only a few days apart. That's right. My sister loved my mother's cake so much that she wanted the exact same thing less than a week later. I followed the same recipe, but placed it in a casserole dish and placed the cookies touching each other. They puffed out and up and filled all the gaps. If you make it this way it takes closer to forty minutes to cook and you can prick it with a toothpick in the non-chocolatey bits to test it.

You can also try simply leaving the top graham cracker off. Ours popped off and slid away:

Another alteration you can try is to stick a peanut butter cup in the middle. Or probably any kind of candy that you like. The peanut butter cups turned out better for us because they are smaller and don't have a tendency to fall apart while you are smashing cookie dough around them.

I dare you to try it and send us pictures!

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